Academy Awards 2016 Jewelry Report

Though there may not be a lot of diversity among the Academy Award nominees this year, this was certainly not the case on the Red Carpet tonight. Actresses expressing their personal style was the trend of the evening. There was a range from traditional to glamorous to more fashion forward. Some women were bedazzled head-to-toe, … Continue reading “Academy Awards 2016 Jewelry Report”

Sea Glass Gems from Davenport, CA

One of the definitions of a gem is, “..something prized especially for great beauty or perfection.” In my mind, sea glass definitely qualifies as a gem, although it may not be what initially comes to mind when picturing one. When I tell people I’m passionate about collecting sea glass, they likely picture me strolling along the … Continue reading “Sea Glass Gems from Davenport, CA”

February Birthstone: Amethyst

I suppose I should be an expert on amethyst, as my birthday is this month…but I’m not. I enjoyed researching this birthstone and going on my (much-loved) virtual shopping spree. Unlike so many stones which come in a wide range of colors, amethyst really sticks to the purple family, from lavender and lilac to deep purple and … Continue reading “February Birthstone: Amethyst”

Jewelry Box Basics: Valentine’s Treats

Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s not my single-ness that first pops into my mind, but rather, “Yay!! It’s time for another self-prezzie!” If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m a firm believer in what I call The Boyfriend Gift. In a nutshell, when important days come along … Continue reading “Jewelry Box Basics: Valentine’s Treats”

Sarah Graham’s Fingerprint Jewelry

Your fingerprint is one of the most unique things about you. Sarah Graham has found the perfect melding of fingerprints and incredibly meaningful pieces of jewelry. It all ramped up when she became a mother. When her son was four months old she created a necklace which had his fingerprint on it. Soon, all her mom friends had … Continue reading “Sarah Graham’s Fingerprint Jewelry”