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Jewelry Made From Human Teeth

No, this is not a Halloween post (I know that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.). Though I just have to share — I recently came across a cache of photos of Victorian era jewelry with human teeth. What the heck?! Seriously, I find this whole concept a bit freaky. Here is a prime example…it’s an enamel brooch given to Princess Victoria from Prince Albert in 1847. It features the “first milk tooth” from their child. Uh, is it just me, or is … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studio

What do you get when you mix an architect with an outdoorsy, yet elegant gal who lives in the Austrian Alps? Well you may not guess, but a talented jewelry designer! I was thrilled to meet Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studios last week during a special trunk show in San Francisco. With a masters in architecture from Columbia, Elizabeth and her architect-husband moved to Austria for a huge project. During this time, working long hours in freezing-cold conditions, she realized … Continue reading

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“The Entertainer”: Jewelry Judge

While shopping with a client at the Westfield Mall on Market Street in San Francisco, my attention (momentarily) strayed from my client when I spotted this man. With a heavyweight boxing belt, massive faux gold chains, and an oversized wall clock hung around his neck, how could I NOT notice?! Throw in the bedazzled top hat, the huge gold-tone watch and the weighty ring, this guy was truly a jewelry conundrum! During our brief chat, I don’t know if he … Continue reading

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Pade Vavra: Designer

OK, I have yet another jewelry designer to add to my list of favorites. How does this keep happening?! I discovered Pade Vavra and her line while at the Women’s Jewelry Association “Designers by the Bay” event. This petite designer has got great energy and was overflowing with love for her craft. In fact she told me, “It’s truly my love. I don’t know how to do anything else!” With a “raw meets refined” look, I first tried on this … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Pearl Necklace by Mikimoto

I know that my love for jewelry has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt since I launched this blog in 2011. And I will now admit a secret to you that very few know — I was completely obsessed with Hello Kitty (and Little Twin Stars, etc.) when I was a child. Every spare cent I could save was carefully spent at the Sanrio store at the local mall. I still have a collection of these products from … Continue reading

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Etienne Aigner in Soho, NYC

Although it’s been over a month since I worked in NYC, I’m still basking in the lasting shopping glow. During one of my “exploration” days, I wandered up and down every street in Soho. I took a double-take when I saw the Etienne Aigner shop on Greene St. I hadn’t seen this brand around in quite some time, and if memory serves, it was quite conservative, and I’ll just say it…boring. Never one to let this stop me, I entered … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey Jewelry: Jewelry Judge

I, like many of you reading this post, am a HUGE fan of the British series, Downton Abbey. In fact, I’ve got Jan 5, 2014 on my calendar for the premiere of season 4 here in the States! The series starts towards the end of Edwardian England in 1912, and the third season ended around 1920. Aside from the perfectly cast actors and the compelling story lines, I eagerly await each episode to see what the characters are wearing. (Kudos … Continue reading

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Elyria Jewels

I recently attended the Women’s Jewelry Association event “Jewelers by the Bay” which featured 20 fabulous jewelry designers. With their wares artfully displayed in the iconic Shreve’s building in Union Square, I was definitely in jewelry heaven. Elyria Jewels caught my eye right off the bat. I was so happy to speak with Elisa Browsh, the designer. This formerly SF-based company (now in Boulder, CO) was founded in 1996. Each piece of the collection is hand-made in the USA, and … Continue reading

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