Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studio

What do you get when you mix an architect with an outdoorsy, yet elegant gal who lives in the Austrian Alps? Well you may not guess, but a talented jewelry designer! I was thrilled to meet Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studios last week during a special trunk show in San Francisco. With a masters in … Continue reading “Elizabeth Weiss-Lasater of Baukunst Studio”

“The Entertainer”: Jewelry Judge

While shopping with a client at the Westfield Mall on Market Street in San Francisco, my attention (momentarily) strayed from my client when I spotted this man. With a heavyweight boxing belt, massive faux gold chains, and an oversized wall clock hung around his neck, how could I NOT notice?! Throw in the bedazzled top … Continue reading ““The Entertainer”: Jewelry Judge”