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Hand Jewelry by Colette Steckel

While at Couture in Las Vegas, it was so fun visiting the booths of designers that I interviewed last year! Colette’s new designs were overwhelmingly creative and beautiful. She had well over 100 unique pieces — how does she have the time?! The one I just HAVE to share with you is this amazing hand jewelry, crafted in just one piece with sparkling diamonds and emeralds. Have you ever seen anything like it? I certainly haven’t! With hand and body … Continue reading

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The Woods Fine Jewelry: A Stellar Sister Act!

I’ve been following The Woods Fine Jewelry for quite some time now, though I’ve only seen a few of their pieces in person at Carrots, one of my fave SF boutiques. When I saw that the two sisters, Shawn and Sam, would be doing a personal appearance and trunk show at Carrots the day after I got home from 3 weeks of travel, game on! I battled major traffic and a parking dilemma, but it was well worth the effort. … Continue reading

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Body Chains…What Do You Think?

I spend (too much) time on Pinterest, scouring boards and images to see what’s hot out there in the world of jewelry. Something I’ve been seeing more and more of are body chains. Here’s a prime example I came across. In this image, it does look pretty darn sexy, given the model’s gorgeous back and low-cut dress. But would this work in the real world, on the average Jane? Well looks like we’re about to find out, because they’re hitting … Continue reading

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Organizing your Baubles!

Jewelry and organizing are two of my favorite things, so I was in heaven working with a client (and very dear friend) in the Santa Barbara area last week. She is combining items from a few households, trying to figure out what to keep and what to purge in every category, including her clothes, bathroom items, and linens, just to name a few. It’s a major project, to say the least! On one particular day, we decided to tackle her … Continue reading

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Ann Dexter Jones Bracelet

While working in Montecito this past week, I took a quick break to check out one of the newer shops in the upper village, called Julianne. It’s a modern, highly curated shop, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing and chatting with the kind staff. On my way out, I took a peek in the jewelry area…and stopped…and asked the gal to take out her key pronto. Was it a watch? A bracelet? I was completely intrigued. It turns out that it … Continue reading

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Kelly Wearstler Store in Los Angeles

In addition to being a jewelry-obsessed wardrobe stylist, I also have a penchant for interior design. I often joke that this will be my career in my “next life.” I admire the work of a range of designers, from modern to eclectic to traditional. Kelly Wearstler has intrigued me ever since I saw her as a judge on “Top Design” and purchased her book, Hue. My interest was further piqued when she branched into the jewelry scene. I was delighted … Continue reading

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D.L. Rhein: Creative Jewelry Display!

I love when I can take some time to explore new shops, and it’s even more fun when I’m on vacation. While cruising around different places in Los Angeles, I came across a small store on W. 3rd Street called D.L. Rhein. Filled with delightful decor objects, heavenly smelling candles, and beautiful scarves, there was more that the eye could take in during just one swing around the place! No surprise, I made a bee-line for the jewelry, which was … Continue reading

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Nan Fusco: Designer

I can’t quite remember the first time I saw a piece of Nan Fusco’s jewelry online, but I instantly fell in jewelry lust! Her pieces are edgy, feminine, and organic at the same time. I’ve been dying to see them in person! While on a recent trip to southern California, I was so excited to meet up with her in Laguna Beach and find out more! Our hour together just flew by, as she pulled out trays upon trays of … Continue reading

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