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Jewelry Box Basics: Gifts for Grads

Oh…tis is the season for graduations! 8th grade, high school, college…these gals are ready to take the next step in life! And there’s no better way to mark these amazing milestones than with a piece of jewelry. Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be a challenge, but I think if you consider their personal style then it might make the decision a bit easier. During my 6-part series, Jewelry Box Basics, I discussed what jewelry each person … Continue reading

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Scrabble Jewelry

So do you have fond memories of playing Scrabble while growing up? I know I do, as do millions of other people around the world. Well Hasbro Inc., the creators of this uber popular game, has teamed up with World Trade Jewelers to create a whole Scrabble jewelry line! Famous for their Hershey Kiss jewelry, this line will be available to the public sometime this fall. (Jewelry collections for My Little Pony and Candy Land are also in the works.) … Continue reading

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Substantial Layers: Jewelry Judge

I was wandering around the Los Altos Rotary Art fair on Sunday with my mom. We always enjoy this fair, and I think I like the people watching just as much as the art on display. Well this woman had it going on! She is another example of how age doesn’t have anything to do with style. Her simple, black outfit was the perfect backdrop for her somewhat weighty, yet harmonious layers. She didn’t even have to utter a word, … Continue reading

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Storage: The Luxe Life!

I’ve written a couple posts about jewelry storage the past couple years, but lately I’ve come across a few amazing closets while browsing around on Pinterest. I would love to see these spaces in person! First up is from the closet of Mary Alice Stephenson, a stylist and TV host. Take a closer look at the pull-out drawer/trays. It’s simply jewelry heaven! Next is a very cool idea. Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, the founder of the uber-cool site Vivre, has transformed a … Continue reading

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Swedish Bracelet in the Mix!

So earlier this month, I wrote an article about Swedish Sami bracelets. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks these are the coolest, as I’ve gotten lots of comments and e-mails about them. (Thanks for that — I love hearing from my readers!) Well one reader even went a step further. She realized that her darling fiancee, Russ, wore one of these every day! He purchased his at the Hostfest Scandinavian Festival in Minot, North Dakota. (looks like a … Continue reading

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Cuff Me!

No, I’m not making reference to Christian Grey, but rather to one of my latest obsessions — the cuff bracelet. I have written about beautiful cuffs by many designers the past couple years, but for some reason my interest in this particular style has really been piqued lately. I almost feel stronger in some way when I wear one. Perhaps I’m channeling my own inner Wonder Woman?! Well wearing a cuff on each wrist is becoming more and more popular, … Continue reading

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Spectacular Stack: Jewelry Judge

I always love to see what eclectic mixes people can come up with in their bracelet stacks. This gal did not disappoint, and I think we spent at least 10 minutes talking about where all her various bracelets came from. From the pearls by Erica Molinari, to the large bracelet by Diane Cotton, it was a cool mix. The antler cuff is from Grange Hall in Texas — apparently a store that I must add to my “must see” list! … Continue reading

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Jewelry Boxes for Mom!

With Mother’s Day approaching, I know many of you out there are on the quest for the ideal piece of jewelry for your mom. Well what about upgrading her jewelry box instead? I’m sure that she’s due for an upgrade, don’t you? I like the clean lines of the Andover jewelry box by Pottery Barn. I love the glass on top, so you can really see your most-used pieces. I also just adore these two boxes, also by Pottery Barn. … Continue reading

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Swedish Sami Bracelets

A few years ago, as I was preparing for a cruise on the Baltic Sea, I was thrilled to find out that we would be starting the journey in Stockholm, Sweden. Why, you ask? I’m sure the answer won’t surprise you, because it involves jewelry. For years, I had been seeing these amazing leather bracelets with woven silver on them, and I finally found out that they are made in Sweden! (Surely the prices of these treasures would be lower … Continue reading

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