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Katie Decker: Designer

Katie Decker was a young, beautiful designer that I met at the Couture show in Las Vegas. Only a few years into her business (she started as a sophomore in college!), her line is beautifully designed well beyond her years. She began doodling jewelry designs in the margins of her textbooks, and the first piece she actually made was a pearl pendant for her mother. Now, her collection includes 18K gold (yellow, white and rose), as well as sterling silver. … Continue reading

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Jewelry Box Basics: The Minimalist

Welcome! We’re on article number four of a six-part series highlighting the basics you need in your jewelry box, based on your personal style. So far we’ve covered the lady who lunches, the bohemian, the rock star, and now the minimalist. You still have the romantic and trendy to look forward to. (I know, you are on the edge of your seat waiting for these!) I will re-state that I know most people have a personal style that incorporates aspects … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Wedding Rings: Jewelry Judge

I recently had my first taste of Peruvian food at La Mar on one of those ideal, sunny San Francisco days. My friend Patti and I were chatting away, when I was distracted by the modern wedding bands on the couple next to us. While these newlyweds (just two years in!) reside in Minnesota, they bring two different cultures to their marriage — she’s from Canada and he’s from Peru. Combined with their extensive travels, it’s no surprise that they … Continue reading

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Jewelry Box Basics: The Rock Star

Get excited — it’s time for the third article in my series “Jewelry Box Basics!” To catch you up, this is a six-part series outlining the basic pieces you should have in your jewelry box based on your personal style: the lady who lunches, bohemian, rock star, romantic, minimalist and trendy. True, everyone is a unique individual and may adopt aspects of various styles, so just use this as a framework. Use the images as a jumping off point to … Continue reading

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Voodoo Jewelry: Jewelry Judge

While I have heard of Voodoo dolls in my life, I actually never knew that it was a religion until I started chatting with a waiter at Monkeypod in Ko Olina on Oahu. (sidebar: best, darn fish tacos I’ve ever had in my life!) So Oi O’Brian (Hawaiian heritage, yet adopted by an Irish family) first caught my attention because of his abundant tattoos and big smile. (another sidebar: Tattoos are probably one of the most popular accessories I saw … Continue reading

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Spring 2013 Trend: Snakes

Perhaps it’s because I live in San Francisco, which hosts one of the biggest Chinese New Year’s parades outside of China (no joke!), but the Year of the Snake (according to the lunar astrological calendar) is getting lots of press! This is translating right down to a resurgence of snake jewelry. Now this is certainly not a new theme. Everyone from Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to women of the Victorian era have donned this slithery creature in many forms. Purported … Continue reading

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Jewelry Box Basics: The Bohemian

Welcome to the second installment of “Jewelry Box Basics.” In case you’re just joining us, this is a 6-part series about what basics I recommend that you have stocked in your jewelry box, based on your personal style. I’ve come up with six different personal styles: the lady who lunches (who was featured last week), bohemian, rock star, minimalist, trendy and romantic. Again, I know that virtually no one fits into just one style box, so read this with an … Continue reading

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Spring 2013 Trend: Floral Motifs

I know that when you see images from a runway show or a photo shoot in the latest issue of Vogue, you may say to yourself, “Who would ever wear that in real life? I know I certainly wouldn’t!” Well that’s true. These looks are not meant for the average person to walk down Main Street in. The way these images are very useful, though, is to extrapolate what trends and themes will actually appear in your local stores. Take … Continue reading

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