Stainless Steel Wedding Rings: Jewelry Judge

I recently had my first taste of Peruvian food at La Mar on one of those ideal, sunny San Francisco days. My friend Patti and I were chatting away, when I was distracted by the modern wedding bands on the couple next to us. While these newlyweds (just two years in!) reside in Minnesota, they … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Wedding Rings: Jewelry Judge”

Jewelry Box Basics: The Rock Star

Get excited — it’s time for the third article in my series “Jewelry Box Basics!” To catch you up, this is a six-part series outlining the basic pieces you should have in your jewelry box based on your personal style: the lady who lunches, bohemian, rock star, romantic, minimalist and trendy. True, everyone is a … Continue reading “Jewelry Box Basics: The Rock Star”

Jewelry Box Basics: The Bohemian

Welcome to the second installment of “Jewelry Box Basics.” In case you’re just joining us, this is a 6-part series about what basics I recommend that you have stocked in your jewelry box, based on your personal style. I’ve come up with six different personal styles: the lady who lunches (who was featured last week), … Continue reading “Jewelry Box Basics: The Bohemian”