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Calypso St. Barth @ Marin Country Mart

One part of my job I just love is exploring new shopping areas, especially when I can do it with my dear friend and colleague, Jen. Tuesday was one of those days, so we headed north over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Country Mart. While I was expecting the hustle and bustle of the Brentwood Country Mart in southern California, which is stocked with fab stores and eateries, Marin was very quiet and there were many open shop … Continue reading

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Druzy Headband: Jewelry Judge

While out to dinner one evening at Chuck’s in Ko Olina last week (such a luxury to eat al fresco in January!!), I came across a lovely sixteen year-old, who had a very cool outfit on — fitted dark-wash skinny jeans, a peach silk blouse with black detail, and grey suede wedges. I would describe her look as polished, a little preppy, yet with a nod to vintage. Her ensemble was topped off by a charming pixie haircut and a … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Bangles

If you follow my Jewelry Fashion Tips Facebook page (and if you don’t, “like” it right away — there’s tons of goodies on it!), then you know that I was enjoying myself in Hawaii last week. I was staying with friends who live there, so one of my first stops was the local grocery store to stock up on my fave foods. The cashier’s wrists caught my eye right away, adorned in traditional gold Hawaiian bracelets. Known as Hawaiian Heirloom … Continue reading

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Stacked Bangles with Style: Jewelry Judge

It’s on those rare days when the escalator is down that I find myself in the elevator at a department store. But today, this unexpected detour gave me the chance to see some chic arm candy. While her over-all image is very cosmopolitan and refined (right down to her Prada bag) the stack she put together has a little bit of a global vibe, which really adds dimension to her appearance. I think I could tell a lot about her … Continue reading

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Evil Eye Jewelry

I certainly remember a few times in my life when I would get the “evil eye” from someone–perhaps when accidentally cutting off an unsuspecting car on the freeway, or when I got caught flushing my amethyst stones down then toilet when I was about 6. (yes…true story) And I know that as a third grade teacher, I certainly gave that “evil eye look” on occasion while out on yard duty. The concept of the evil eye, and being able to … Continue reading

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Vintage Chanel Cross: Jewelry Judge

Do you remember how a while back I told you that my interest had been piqued about vintage jewelry? Well ever since then, I seem to be noticing it more and more! (I guess it’s sort of like when you’re in the market for a new car, and suddenly you’re surrounded by the make and model you have your heart set on.) At any rate, I found myself at a swanky cocktail party in San Francisco, and I was taking … Continue reading

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Horse Hair Bracelets

I may offend some of you by saying that I’m not the biggest animal person around — the only pets I’ve ever had were goldfish, and let’s just say that didn’t go so well. But I am certainly surrounded by many animal lovers in my life, and it seems that lots of them are over the moon for horses. While I’m pretty much petrified of said animal, I was very intrigued when one of my horse-loving friends started talking about … Continue reading

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“Show The Love” Necklace Giveaway

I’m a big fan of the “Show the Love” jewelry line, and if you read my post about them last week, you likely are as well! I’m so excited to announce a new necklace giveaway from them — check out this magic lantern necklace! Retailing at $120, this gold-plated brass necklace really has a special meaning. As explained by the designer, “Who doesn’t love the notion of a magic lantern? Just one rub and a genie pops out to grant … Continue reading

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“Show The Love” Jewelry Line

You know how some people just radiate good energy? Well jewelry designer Jen Pleasants is just one of those people. I had the fortune of hearing about her line while at In Her Shoes in Palo Alto via her business partner, Amy Salisbury. (Yep…I pretty much interrupted her private conversation with another woman when I heard “jewelry line!”) Fast forward a few weeks, and I found myself in her amazing studio in Portola Valley, CA. While Jen did start designing … Continue reading

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