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Colette: Designer

When I approached Colette’s booth at the Couture show, I assumed that the woman I saw was a model for the jewelry. But no! This beauty was actually the French-Mexican designer herself. As I spoke with her, I discovered that her personality is just as lovely. Raised part time in Paris, and part time in Mexico City, Colette Steckel is a big-time nature lover. The majority of her designs seem to be inspired by nature, whether it be the starry … Continue reading

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Delicate Layers: Jewelry Judge

I was at the wrap desk at a boutique in Montecito paying for a blouse, when I was distracted the young 20-something salesgirl’s artfully layered necklaces. While I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to have put them together, I really admired the result! One was on a silver chain, one on a gold chain. One was a classic design, the other quite bohemian. Yet, they somehow worked together beautifully. Come to find out, the pave diamond and turquoise necklace was designed … Continue reading

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Wooden Earrings: Jewelry Judge

OK…this combination virtually rendered me speechless. When I first saw these earrings, they sort of looked like beige lips with a darker-toned cherry on top…uh…and then combined with the pink/white striped floor-length dress and sequined shrug, I really think it was just one hot mess. Though I will say that the earrings were very light-weight for their size, and she was most definitely a lovely girl. But really, I don’t understand anything about this whole look. What IS her personal … Continue reading

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Monique Pean: Designer

I have this beautifully decorated folder called my “Style File” that sits front and center on my desk. Whenever I see something in a magazine that I love, I rip it out and add it to my file. These are not necessarily items that I can afford or even fit, but they just speak to me. Through this process, I’m really able to see my style direction, and it inspires me each and every time I look through it. Well … Continue reading

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What’s Your Opinion???: Jewelry Judge

Ok…so I was meeting a friend for lunch downtown the other day. While waiting for her, I spied this gal pushing her baby carriage toward the door. Granted, I give her two big thumbs up for being “dressed up” with an infant — a feat to be applauded! So her jewelry struck me, and I was honestly not the big fan. I thought the cheap-looking bejeweled neon necklace really competed with the gold monogram necklace. In combination with the striped … Continue reading

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Borgioni Private Collection

Given that my mom is one of my best-est friends, I’m always pleased when I meet other close mother-daughter duos. While at the Couture show in Las Vegas, I was very pleased to meet Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci, the mother and daughter behind the fabulous Borgioni Private Collection. Though they live on opposite coasts, the pair have built a thriving business the past six years. The whole line was inspired by the family matriarch, who left the women some vintage … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Grey: Jewelry Judge

OK…perhaps not 50, but certainly a lovely spectrum of the color! I spotted this gal in my own ‘hood of Burlingame while she was buying some shoes for her daughter. (Lucky girl — they were cute booties!) I love how she combined the various shades with layered necklaces. The longer one is by Chan Luu and the others are some pearls she purchased while vacationing in San Diego. I love the combination, and how they were highlighted by the simple … Continue reading

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Emily Armenta: Designer

As a long-time fan (and collector) of the Armenta line, I was just thrilled to spend some time with Emily at the Couture show. She was everything I thought she’d be and more! With her long, dark hair and fair complexion, she was just what I’d envisioned as the creator of such beauty. Both her and her line have an almost other-worldly quality to them, with nods to earlier times in history. Born into an extremely artistic family (mom paints … Continue reading

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